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A Message from the Author of The Night Wanderers

Wojciech Jagielski, author of The Night Wanderers, discusses his new book on the story of child solderies of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda in hopes of it serving as a warning against indifference:

My book started with my years’ long fascination with Uganda, one that made me visit Uganda on several occasions and to think a lot about its recent history. The reign of Idi Amin and then the bloody civil wars destroying the country afterwards became, in my mind, the symbol of the “Heart of Darkness” of our time, where one can observe, or maybe even understand, the essence of evil that under certain circumstances becomes a part of human nature.

Initially, my idea was to tell the story of the child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a macabre rebel group commanded by Joseph Kony, a person who, by his own description, was possessed by ghosts. Continue reading

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