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Sonia Nazario Speaks, the UN Listens: The Author of Enrique’s Journey Discusses Global Migration

Pulitzer Prize-winning Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique’s Journey, recently addressed the United Nations about how to better manage global migration as part of its Panel Discussion on International Migration and Development.

While the UN emphasized how migration spurs positive development both in countries that receive and in those that send migrants, Nazario’s focus was different. Instead, she focused on how too many migrants, especially women, feel forced to leave their homelands and children to go abroad in order to survive, and how child-mother separations produce devastating consequences for families and society. She urged developed countries to focus on creating jobs in specific migrant-sending countries so more migrants can stay home—where most would rather be. Continue reading

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Two More Common Read Adoptions for Enrique’s Journey!

Enrique’s Journey, Pulitzer Prize-winner Sonia Nazario’s true story about the odyssey made by a Honduran boy who braves unimaginable hardship and peril to reach his mother in the United States has been chosen by both Loyola University Chicago and Saint Louis University as their Freshman and Common Reads.

At Saint Louis University, Selection committee member Patrice French said:

Enrique’s Journey provides a completely different lens from which human beings live their life. It’s a raw account of how some people fight and risk their lives just to find a better lives for themselves. As well, I believe that there are elements in this book that demonstrate aspects of true service, which is in direct alignment with SLU’s mission.”

More than 50 colleges and seven cities have chosen Enrique’s Journey for their common or one city reads. Many colleges select the book because it goes beyond a platform to talk about immigration. While encouraging global awareness Continue reading

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