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5 More Colleges Leap on Acts of Faith for Common Reading

Five more schools have chosen Eboo Patel’s Acts of Faith as their common reading book selection this year! These college’s include: Colgate University of Hamilton, NY; Capital University in Columbus, OH; Loras Collage in Dubuque, IA; Amarillo College in Amarillo, TX; and Marywood College of Scranton, PA.

Acts of Faith is Eboo Patel’s remarkable account of coming of age and coming to understand what led him toward religious pluralism rather than hatred. His story is a hopeful and moving testament to the power and passion of young people, and to the notion that we find the fulfillment of our identities in the work we do in the world.

Patel was one of our featured speakers during Random House’s FYE conference in Atlanta and I was lucky enough to hear him speak. His own story is profound but more importantly his message is a call to action for universal tolerance – starting with college students. Have you read Acts of Faith, or heard anything about it? Let others know what you think by leaving a comment here!


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