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Common Reads is dedicated to bringing you the latest in adoption news, program information, and resources related to common reading programs at high schools, universities, and within communities.


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2 responses to “about Common Reads

  1. James Uhlenkamp

    Graceland University has selected Planetwalker as the 2010 common reader for our first year experience program. This book tells the tale of a man who found his life work in an environmental disaster. In formulating and living his response, Francis displayed the fortitude and dedication to hold to his principles in the face of family and social pressures to conform.

    An important goal of an FYE program is to help the students see the the people they wish to become. This book demonstrates that anything is possible, and that unusual decisions and visions, if pursued with perseverance, can have a positive impact on the world and society around us.

  2. Dr. Imani L. Fryar

    How does one secure a free copy of Rebecca Skloot’s book-
    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks?

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