Northern Arizona University Creates Exciting Materials for Common Reading Program

9780812984965When members of the class of 2019 arrive at Northern Arizona University in the Fall, they will participate in conversations on Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson’s intimate and unforgettable narrative journey into the broken American criminal justice system.

NAU has created robust materials to augment discussions: A bubble chart to explore key themes such as “doing uncomfortable things”, “protecting the hope dynamic” and “changing the narrative”; Chapter map to parse out topics and connect them with text; and a bookmark complete with author appearance date.

Students at Northern Arizona University can look forward to more of Bryan Stevenson when he speaks on campus on October 13, 2015.  More about their program here.

Click here to read more about Just Mercy.

Click here to watch Bryan Stevenson at the 2015 Conference on the First-Year Experience®.

Click here for more information on the author’s speaking arrangements.

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