Eat the City Adopted for Freshman Dialogue at NYU

Eat the City TR

New York University has chosen Robin Shulman’s Eat the City as their Freshman Year Dialogue book.  All incoming freshmen are expected to read the book prior to arriving on campus in August.  The program connects first-years with faculty members, and introduces them to life at NYU.  Author Robin Shulman will be speaking at the school in the fall.

The book chronicles the people of New York City – both past and present – who grow vegetables, butcher meat, fish local waters, cut and refine sugar, keep bees for honey, brew beer, and make wine. Shulman’s book shows how in urban environments such as New York, people have always found creative ways to use their collective hunger to build their own kind of city.  Eat the City is ultimately about how the ability of cities to feed people has changed over time. Yet it is also, in a sense, the story of the things we long for in cities today: closer human connections, a tangible link to more basic processes and a way to shape more rounded lives.

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