Random House Currently Offering 10 Free Galley Copies of The Dinner

Random House is currently offering free galley copies of Herman Koch’s The Dinner, coming out February 12, to the first 10 requestors.The Dinner HC

Since its initial publication in Holland in 2009, Koch’s psychologically astute and philosophically challenging The Dinner has become a vehicle for classroom debate.   The book starts when two couples meet for dinner at a high-end restaurant in Amsterdam to address a tragic event.  Over the course of the meal, and the novel, civility and friendship disintegrate, as the partners make clear what they are willing to do to protect their children from the consequences of their actions.

This controversial tale of families struggling to make the hardest decision of their lives exposes philosophical and social hypocrisies in which we are all, to a degree, complicit.  The Dinner is currently one of the most popular books among teenagers in Holland, perhaps because they can relate to the ethical dilemmas that result from the senseless crime committed by a member of their own peer group.  The book is also relevant to adolescent readers in that it explores the dark side of connectivity, including YouTube and texting, as well as the generation gap between young people and their parents

The book ultimately forces the reader to confront his or her own deeply held convictions and moral values.

Please email rhacademic@randomhouse.com to request a free copy.

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