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Henrietta Lacks’ Son Scheduled to Speak at IU Bloomington

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, David Lacks, son of Henrietta Lacks, will speak to the University of Indiana, Bloomington community about the intersection of race and ethics.  Though his mother died in 1951, her cells are widely used in scientific research.  Rebecca Skloot’s 2010 best seller The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks introduced Henrietta to the world.
Please see IU Bloomington’s press release for more information about David and Henrietta Lacks.

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Ernie Cline, Author of Ready Player One , Electrifies Freshmen at UMass Amherst

Jeanne Horrigan, Director of New Students Orientation at UMass Amherst, recently shared some thoughts about her experience hosting Ernie Cline (Ready Player One) on her campus.  Mr. Cline will be joining us at next year’s Random House FYE Luncheon.  (Click here to register for the event).

“Ernie Cline emerged from a Back to the Future Dolorean to the thunderous applause of over four thousand freshmen at UMass Amherst’s Convocation this year. His address to the Class of 2016 was an entertaining combination of self-depreciating humor and personal reflection.  Ready Player One, the chosen common read book for this year’s new students at UMass Amherst, dealt with the allure of the virtual world of video games and its benefits but also the irreplaceable authenticity of human exchanges in reality. Later on, hundreds of freshmen engaged in common read discussions of this book in small groups with university faculty, discussing everything from the dystopian future to eco-sustainability.  Ready Player One is more than a paperback adventure story; it unites the past and present under an overarching concern about technology’s place in our future.”


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