Louisburg College’s My Orange Duffel Bag Project

This week, author Sam Bracken was featured as the opening speaker at Louisburg College’s kickoff celebration for the school’s 225th anniversary week.  My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change was selected as the college’s common reading title, and author Sam Bracken went to visit the campus to share his story with faculty and students.

Faculty at Louisburg College have developed engaging assignments related to the book for their Crossroads Program, a program designed to get first-year students to explore not only how they learn, but also how they live their lives. Below is a sampling of assignments connected to the “My Orange Duffel Bag Project”:

  1. Decorate the Cover! Be creative. Decorate the cover of the notebook any way that you would like – it just needs to be decorate. You can draw, paint, cover, or do anything you think will make it look cool and look like you!
  2. First 10 Pages – these pages will serve as journal pages. Each class you will be given a topic to journal on and have some time to do this at the beginning of each class.
  3. Next 10 Pages – these pages are “YOU” pages. You should include anything that is important to you on these pages. You can put whatever you would like on these pages . . .  favorite quotes, best advice you have received, people who are important to you, mentors who have made a difference. . . . In other words, anything that makes you who you are.

Another Crossroads assignment serves as a reflection of the author’s campus visit. This assignment is aimed at having first-year students compare and contrast what they have read with what they heard from Sam’s talk. In the “My Orange Duffel Bag Hatful of Quotes” project, students worked in pairs to identify and discuss important quotes in the book.

Click the links below to view both assignments in full:

Sam Bracken was also featured in our First-Year Experience® Speakers Series this year. Click here to view the author’s message to educators.


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