Louisburg College Selects My Orange Duffel Bag for Common Reading!

Louisburg College in North Carolina has selected My Orange Duffel Bag by author Sam Bracken for their 2012-2013 common reading title! We’d also like to note that the upcoming school year is of particular significance for Louisburg College because it will be celebrating its 225th anniversary.  Founded in 1787, it is the world’s oldest 2-year college.

My Orange Duffel Bag tells of Bracken’s battles with homelessness, poverty, abuse, abandonment at age 15, and how he eventually turned his life around to successfully earn a full-ride football scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology. When he left for college, everything he owned fit in an orange duffel bag.

Now, in this award-winning illustrated memoir and road map to personal transformation, Bracken shares his story as well as everything he’s learned about overcoming the odds and radically changing his life so that students can create positive, lasting change of their own.

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