Get a FREE advance reader’s edition of Griftopia

Griftopia tells story behind the most audacious power grab in American history: The financial crisis that exploded in 2008; the rise, fall, and rescue of Wall Street and the grifter class—made up of the largest financial players and politicians—who had been transferring wealth upward for generations through increasingly complex financial mechanisms and political maneuvers.  In Griftopia, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi  unravels the whole story, digging beyond the headlines to get into the deeper roots and wider implications of the rise of the grifters.

CommonReads is giving away advanced reader’s editions of Griftopia. Comment below to request one! Offer only available to teachers, professors and school administrators in the United States.


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5 responses to “Get a FREE advance reader’s edition of Griftopia

  1. Please send me a advanced copy.

  2. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Please, one for me too.

  4. Harry Barnard

    Looks to be great for seminars.


  5. Steve Reber

    Griftopia looks to be a must read. Please send me the advanced edition. Thanks!

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