Why Howard University will have Dreams from My Father


The Writing Program at Howard University has selected Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father for its Common Text to be read by all incoming first-year students this Fall.

Says Dana A. Williams, Ph.D., Department of English Chair, about their selection:

. . .few contemporary texts show better mastery of rhetorical strategies and expository writing skills than the President’s memoir. While reading Dreams, students will learn about one of the world’s most important figures, see how he uses writing to craft his self-image and self-narrative, and gain heightened awareness of contemporary social, political, cultural, and familial issues.

Written prior to the President’s election, Dreams from My Father is a lyrical and unsentimental look at his experiences as the son of a black African father and a white American mother.

The book has also been selected for common reading at the following colleges and universities: Augustana College, Boston College, California State University Eastbay, Elmhurst College, LaGuardia Community College, Quinnipiac University, Southern Methodist University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, University of Washington, and Xavier University of Louisiana.


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