What librarians are saying about the Random House, Inc. One Book, One Community catalog…


Random House Library Services recently received some wonderful feedback about their One Book, One Community catalog and recommended books. Carrie Reich, Director of the Martin Library at The Art Institute of York – Pennsylvania says:

I was looking through your catalog of One Book, One Community suggestions and was intrigued by several titles….One of my favorite OBOC [One Book, One Community] books we’ve done in the last several years was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and I can definitely say it was a perfect book for the program. I also saw in the catalog quite a few titles that made it to our short list for next year and many that are already on my to-read list… So it looks like you may have a pretty reliable selection team on staff as these seem like excellent suggestions, based on our success with and fondness of several of them already!  Thank you for sharing this resource!

If you have not yet picked up the One Book, One Community catalog, you may e-mail library@randomhouse.com to request a copy. The catalog is also available in PDF format here.


Order Exam Copies

One Book, One Community Catalog

Freshman Year Reading 2010 Catalog

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