Read Mountains Beyond Mountains this summer.

What are you reading this summer?

The Harvard Crimson recently published a list of recommended summer reading titles for undergraduate students handpicked by college professors and faculty members. Among the books selected is First-Year Experience favorite, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. Nancy M. Cline, Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College says:

This is not a new book. I suggest it now because it is about the work of Paul Farmer and colleagues who worked with him to found Partners in Health, an organization that has grown to have an important impact on several areas of the world. What caused me to return to this book (after first reading it a few years ago) was the earthquake in Haiti. Reading about the extraordinary challenges that Farmer and his team faced in delivering health care and building community-based programs gave considerable insight to the problems that continue to complicate the recovery of Haiti. The story is compelling. It helps one become more attentive to the diverse aspects of different countries’ economic and social conditions, to perhaps better understand why aid sometimes does not work as intended, and to appreciate the generous and proud spirit that can survive amidst poverty.

Now, I’m about to start on Kidder’s more recent book, Strength in What Remains.

The list also features the academic classic The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and The Bible. You can find the entire list here.


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