Northern Michigan University & Marquette County to flock to The Sparrow

Northern Michigan University along with the county of Marquette have announced Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow as their One Book, One Community selection for 2010!

The book, which has been previously selected for common reading programs at Knox College and the University of Washington, tackles the question: “If you have to send a group of people to a newly discovered planet to contact a totally unknown species, whom would you choose?” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentenial) According to the One Book Marquette website: 

The plot centers on a Jesuit mission to another planet, but it is neither science fiction nor overly religious.  Rather, it is a beautifully written novel that forces us to take a hard look at our society, its history and its values, and what it means to have faith in something.

Russell’s PhD in anthropology helps her create worlds, species and societies that are believable and shocking; her talent as a writer helps her people the book with funny and intelligent characters. Much more than a fascinating tale of first contact, The Sparrow reaches beyond genre fiction into an examination of morality, belief and what it means to gain, question, or even to lose, one’s faith.

Read more about the One Book Marquette program here.

Read about last year’s One Book Marquette selection here.


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