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Win a FREE copy of Peter Buffett’s Life is What You Make It!

CommonReads is giving away a FREE copy of philanthropist Peter Buffett’s new book, Life is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path To Fulfillment.

The son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Peter Buffett maintains that the only real inheritance handed down from his parents was a philosophy: Forge your own path in life. It is a creed that has allowed him to follow his own passions, establish his own identity, and reap his own successes.

Today’s society, Buffett posits, has begun to replace a work ethic, relishing what you do, with a wealth ethic, honoring the payoff instead of the process. The answer, he explains,is to focus more on substance and less on reward in order make the most of opportunity and strive toward a greater sense of fulfillment. In clear and concise terms, Buffett reveals a great truth: Life is random, neither fair nor unfair.

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