Agnes Scott College announces Outcasts United. Read their letter!

Dear Campus Community:

I am pleased to announce that the Common Reading for Fall 2010 will be Warren St. John’s 2009 book Outcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make a Differnce (NY: Spiegel & Grau).  

This book gives us a chance to engage the wider world by considering the experiences of refugees from across many cultures, and how a youth soccer team, founded by a woman named Luma Mufleh, changed a community in unforeseeable ways.  At the same time, this book brings the wide world to our door, since the American town where all this took place is five miles away in Clarkston, GA.

ASC connects further to this story because of Prof. Toby Emert’s work with the Fugees Academic Boot Camp last summer. As it states on the Fugees Family website (

“Last summer, we held a four-week day camp for the players to improve their academic ability, keep them connected to each other and the staff, and maintain their physical conditioning. The morning activities focused on reading and writing, and the afternoon sessions included art, science, math, and educational and recreational field trips. This summer, we will extend this program to six weeks and serve 60 Fugees, in partnership with Agnes Scott College.”

Last year’s Boot Camp ended with a “fair” organized by Dr. Emert where the Fugees showed and described their summer’s work.

For more information, see the book’s website:  Please look for information in the future about campus activities related to this book for 2010-11, including potential partnerships with the Georgia Tech community.

On behalf of the Common Reading committee,
Tracey Laird


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