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How Fort Lewis College will embark on Enrique’s Journey

When students at Fort Lewis College return to classes this Fall, they will all be talking about the same book: Enrique’s Journey by award-winning journalist Sonia Nazario. To spark and supplement conversation about this touching and timely story, the administrators of Fort Lewis have tentitively planned a pleathora of events including: discussions, lectures, and book signings with the author; writing workshops within the Mass Communications, Media Writing, and Composition courses; a panel on immigration; an essay contest; and a screening and discussion of the film Maid in America.

All of this because of a boy named in Enrique, who began a perilous odyssey to reunite with his mother after she left their home in Honduras for the United States, hoping to earn money to keep the family afloat. Nazario first chronicled Enrique’s quest  in a Los Angeles Times newspaper series, which won two Pulitzer Prizes.

Says Bridget Irish, Assistant Dean of Writing and the First Year Experience at Fort Lewis College:

We chose Enrique’s Journey because it offers our students opportunities to think, read, write, and talk about important and engaging IDEAS. The book lends itself to the development of an academic conversation as we will have no trouble discovering scholarly research to link to the ideas in the text. And, the book can be used in whole or part in a wide variety of disciplines: Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, Communications, Photography, Sociology, Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies and more.

Have you used Enrique’s Journey in your program? Do you have new and successful campus event ideas to share? Leave us a comment and we feature them for others to read!


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