One to watch! Outcasts United already scoring big…

Outcasts United

Random House Academic has been buzzing about a wonderful new book with great common reading potential and two universities have already hopped on board! Georgia Tech and McMurry Universities have chosen Warren St. John’s Outcasts United for their new freshman classes.

Clarkston, Georgia, was a fading Southern town until it was designated a settlement center for refugees in the 1990s, becoming the first American home for scores of families in flight from the world’s war zones. The town also became home to Luma Mufleh, an American-educated woman from Jordan, who volunteered to coach a youth soccer program for Clarkston’s refugee children. They named themselves the Fugees.

Originating in an acclaimed series of front-page articles in the New York Times, this is the long-awaited story of the Fugees, played out against the backdrop of an American town that, without its consent, had become a vast experiment in getting along. Driven by the fast-paced narrative of a season that saw the team and its young players pushed to the brink, Outcasts United is a brilliantly reported, moving chronicle of a small town struggling to become a global community, the resilience and hope of a group of young refugees, and how we find home in a changing world.

Also stay tuned for video of author Warren St. John’s talk at a recent program for NYC-area high school teachers held at Random House, Inc.


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4 responses to “One to watch! Outcasts United already scoring big…

  1. This books reminds me of another book, title escapes me, about a soccer team composed of Latino immigrant school children. At the last FYE conference, I heard a great deal about that book.

    • rhacademic

      There is a new memoir out from Crown called The Opposite Field dealing with latino members of a Little League team. Could this be what you are thinking of?

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