One to watch! Tarleton State U adopts Planetwalker


Tarleton State University has selected Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence.  for their common reading program this Fall.

Planetwalker was also the 2008 Freshman English Common Reading Selection for University of South Carolina Upstate.

After witnessing an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay in the 1970’s, John Francis became frustrated with animal rescue and restoration efforts. He decided to take a more fundamental and personal stand by giving up using all forms of motorized transportation. Thus he began a journey, on foot, that lasted more than two decades and spaned two continents. Francis also took a vow of silence – one that lasted 17 years. His inspirational story serves as more than a look at a coming-of-age pilgrimmage. Its timely message will resonate loudly with students as efforts to “go green” continue to change, mobilize, and grow.


Reader’s Guide

For more about John Francis , his organization and his efforts, visit his website:

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